Can Mums Be Sexy?

kim-kardashianEver since I came across Kim Kardashian’s nude picture on Instagram, it made me think that where do I stand on this topic of nudity and being a mother. I’m a broad minded person and nudity doesn’t offend me, do didn’t the picture of Kim Kardashian standing naked in front of a mirror. I’d be a hypocrite if I’d say that it did because I’ve been in the fashion industry before I got married. The question on hand is that is it okay for a mother to act sexy or be publicaly known as sexy? If in any way the answer is no then why is it so? Are we moms obligated to keep up with a maternal appearance? And if anyhow that is the given scenario, what is the take of society on a mother’s freedom? Are we supposed to forget about whom we are and how we want to look just because of society’s approach towards how a mother should be?

Well, I’m not ready to lay down my weapons. It is old fashioned and everything against an individual’s personal freedom. I say no to all the standards of the society that how I should personally look and behave like besides being a mother. I know that parents are supposed to be a role model, but I think a mother who can be as good as she can get is better than a mother who suffers and suffocates herself in the molded mother figure created by  society of how a mother should be.  I think the best thing about being a parent is the freedom of how we choose to raise our kids according to our beliefs, what we’ve learned and experienced, and surely what culture we admire. You can’t do anything wrong as long as we know what we’re doing for our kids is the best and if being sexy is what a woman likes to be then we should not take it away from her just because she’s a mother. As far as I’m concerned, the thing you should be focused at is being a good parent and role model. Your personality and personal appearance should not matter.

Kim Kardashian’s act did take me back to my glamorous days and the thing that bothered me was some unnecessary comments on her picture telling her not to behave this way just because she’s a mother. No one is concerned about her nude as much as they are about her being a mother. It doesn’t bother me at all given the way she’d lived her life so far and the industry she’s working in. She’s in the entertainment industry, under the spotlights all the time and I don’t think that this incident shouldn’t have been made a big deal and if it has, is it because she has kids? I’m following Kendall Jenner on her Instagram page too. There are a couple of nudies uploaded by her too and the fact that she’s just a fashion model with no kids, the comments on her nudes are nothing like the ones on Kim Kardashian’s and that shows the hypocrite nature of our society towards mothers.