Creative Ideas for Free Artificial Grass Samples

grass_artificialWe don’t know either that why it is so easy to get a free artificial grass sample. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, artificial grass is made of synthetic fiber and its main commercial application use to be in sports complexes and play grounds but now a lot of residential houses and buildings are also using artificial grass to decorate their lawns. There are a lot of manufacturers in the market that are competing with each other to get their products to the end consumers. Like other freestuff, artificial grass samples are also listed on many websites.
Even if you’re not looking forward to decorating your lawn or front yard, there are a lot many things that you can do with an artificial grass sample. But before you start with an artificial grass arts and crafts DIY project, you are going to need some basic tools like a strong pair of scissors or garden shears, a staple, glue gun and a super glue. We’ve taken a little help from Pinterest and a couple of other websites similar to it and we’ve come up with some creative ideas to decorate your indoor spaces with artificial grass.

  • The first and the most obvious use of a free artificial grass sample can be a toy for your kids’ miniature action figures. For this you wouldn’t have to do anything besides super gluing the grass to a board which would make it a great miniature yard for the actions figures as well as little animal toys.
  • You can cut the grass in a straight rectangular fashion and glue it in the middle of the dinner table to give it a nice and unique look. A couple of images that we found showed little candles set across and over the fake grass to make the table look more scenic.
  • You can use a patch of the fake grass to fix it on a cushion. Where it might sound weird, you’d be surprised by the results.
  • If your door mat has gotten old or has rotten out then you can simply glue a patch of the fake grass on it which would not only give it more strength but would make the mat look very pretty and welcoming
  • You can also fix a fake grass patch on your working table to place specific accessories and gadget like your cellphones and stuff.
  • You can cut and glue the patches of the fake grass into your flip flops to make them more comfy and unique looking at the same time.

We’ll duly appreciate your feedback, if you try one of these tips using an artificial grass sample.