Your Guide To Getting Free Beauty Products


Does this sound too good to be true: you can get free beauty stuff delivered to your door. When I heard that this was possible, I wanted to find out. This is especially because I love makeup.

There are so many beauty products out there, and they are sent to homes all around the United Kingdom. This includes free cosmetics, perfume samples and hair products. It also includes toiletries. Freebies such as those is a great way to try out new products and existing products.

With that said, I┬ástarted using WOW Free Stuff I wanted to use them to see if I could get free beauty and makeup products. Let’s talk about what my experience has been like.

Why Do Brands Give Free Stuff Away

It’s simple, brands want people to try their products out and then provide them with feedback, which eliminates the need of having to hire a middleman to do research. More and more companies are doing this, especially since they have access to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to social media, they can listen and address consumers’ concerns directly, while reaching out to new customers.

Free Stuff You Can Get

Besides beauty products, you can get freebies that fall within various categories. This includes pets, baby and kids, as well as food and drink to name a few. There is something for everyone.

WOW Free Stuff doesn’t just offer great free stuff. They provide people with tips about saving money and making money. In short, you’ll learn how to be more cash-savvy.

I actually plan to check out the Restaurant Vouchers section of the site the next time I want to eat out for dinner. Eventually I’ll check out the Free Days Out section. I’ll see what offers there are, and then take my family out for the day.

WOW Free Stuff Are Popular

WOW Free Stuff has a massive 70k+ likes across social media platforms. Every single day they update their page with offers, competitions and money-saving tactics. They also post light-hearted posts from time to time.

I decided to join the WOW Free Stuff group. This is a community of members who like to share images of the stuff they’ve received for free. It also lets people know about what offers were discovered, which means you can learn about offers you might not have even known about.

Is It Easy To Use WOW Free Stuff?

We’ve put together a short guide on how to get started. It’s short because it’s very easy to do. Basically, all you need to do is:

  • Sign up to WOW Free Stuff’ mailing list, and then you’ll be sent a daily newsletter
  • Check out the site and apply for the freebies that you like the most
  • Wait for your free stuff to arrive at your door

In Conclusion
It was fun checking out WOW Free Stuff. Since writing about the site the first time around, I ended up receiving a few free samples of perfume. I also received some teabags, a tea towel and a few face wipes.

Do you live with other people? If so, then tell everyone to sign up for the newsletter because there are freebies for everyone. With that said, sign up for the newsletter today, and before you know it, you’ll be receiving free stuff.